Maritime industry; developing rapidly both in the world and in Turkey. Although the necessary importance was not given in previous years in Turkey, much better levels have been reached with the attack made in the last ten years. As Çakıroğlu Shipping, we aim to provide better service to the Turkish maritime industry with our own ship in a rapidly changing and developing world.

Çakıroğlu Shipping has a customer-oriented working principle in addition to international transportation and logistics services in the sector. In this way, it aims not only to deliver your cargo on time and in a healthy manner to our valued customers in the international logistics sector, but also to provide a better quality service by providing solutions and alternatives to our customers...

Çakıroğlu Denizcilik is a Shipowner Company, successfully continuing its transportation from Turkey to any point in the world or from any point in the world to Turkey with its own open cargo ship.

Çakıroğlu Denizcilik, besides being a shipowner company, successfully carries out out-of-gauge project transportations and railway project transportation services. It makes us very happy that this development and change is noticed by our valued customers and directed to our company... Please contact us for open sea freight shipments.

Project and Heavy Load Transportation

Çakıroğlu Shipping offers creative solutions for the transportation of your large and heavy loads. Çakıroğlu Shipping delivers the loads that others cannot carry in the most appropriate way. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge in project transportation, we produce innovative and result-oriented solutions for our customers. Çakıroğlu Shipping has developed and delivered many turnkey projects without any problems. Regardless of the size and weight limitations imposed by many carriers, we meet the needs of our customers and produce solutions that create added value.

Çakıroğlu Shipping;

Ship+Train multi model project transports (transportation of rails between 18-72 meters)
* Dry cargo, bulk ship rental, project transportation
* Steel and iron transportation, project transportation
* Raw material transportation, project transportation
* Construction machinery transportation, project transportation
* It successfully carries out customs clearance and warehouse services on departure and arrival.